Amy Ragsdale – Metalsmith

Saturday, September 23rd

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Amy Ragsdale and her incredible jewelry art to the 245 North Gallery. Amy’s handcrafted jewelry radiates singularity, enthusiasm & exclusivity.

A Bucks County Pennsylvania girl, Amy Ragsdale grew up riding Oaky through strawberry fields and peach orchards, across creeks and into snowstorms. The lessons she learned during those magical years have served her well; dedication, discipline and gratitude. You might have a mentor, someone or something, that supported and guided you along the way. Metal smithing is Amy’s way of acknowledging those that have encouraged and supported her. She would be honored to design a symbol for you to wear, or gift, that continues that show of respect.

Please join us to celebrate her and her work with an Artist’s Reception and the opportunity to have a Jewelry Box Makeover consultation. Have the contents of your jewelry box reviewed for: cleaning, restringing, redesigning, removing mojo, gifting. Each piece is returned wrapped in anti-tarnish paper. Cleaning $4 per design ($6 – $8 for larger pieces). Redesign and restringing pricing discussed during review.

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