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2Sharisma Herrmann grew up on Keswick Avenue in Glenside with a deep seeded pride for her hometown. At the age of 18 she became a commercial and residential painter focused mainly on painting for nightclubs and restaurants. As a prolific artist “on the side” she opened her first retail shop Rizifish featuring her own paintings. She closed Rizifish in 2003 to open bar/restaurant Plush on Keswick Avenue in the heart of Keswick Village. After 10 successful years, Plush’s demise was featured in November of 2014 on the popular Spike Network TV show Bar Rescue with host John Taffer episode “Dash of Bitters”. Always having the vision of late night retail, Sharisma is excited to be back on Keswick Avenue with a worthy partner.

1Robin A. Beall has made the Hollywood neighborhood of Abington her home for 10 years now, and had dreamt of this project since the fourth grade. Art became a passionate part of her life after being recognized in a local newspaper for her creative work. She went on to study art in high school and college. After abandoning her Art Education path, she acquired over 20 years of experience in small business development, marketing and promotions on a diverse range of platforms. Moving her art from hobby to career has launched her back into creating a new body of work that will be featured at the gallery as it grows. Appreciating that her own passion for art was ignited by a small gesture of recognition, she plans to use her marking expertise to do the same for others to satisfy her strong desire of helping others.


Shari and Robin are pleased to share their space on a collective platform.

To learn more about other creatives showcasing their work at 245 North,
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